How long do your bars tend to last?

That really depends on how you take care of the bar after use. You should dry it out and have it out of the way of the water dripping. Our feedback is 1 month to 4 months.

Can I use it on my hair and beard?

Yes you can. 

Do Soap Dishes work to save the life of my bar?

It is recommended to have a soap dish so that the bar is not sitting in a puddle of water. Me personally, I have a wire rack in my shower and the soap is up high so that it is not in the spray of the shower.

Can I use them on my dog?

I've actually had some customers that their dogs were having sever skin irritation. Nothing was working to relieve the stress until they used a Man To Man Soap bar. Please talk to a Vet before you try anything different from your normal routine. 

How long does it take to create a batch of soap?

With all cold process soap it should 4 to 6 weeks to cure. We could use them earlier but they will be softer and not last as long.

What sort of ingredients do you use?

Our ingredients are listed on all our labels. We choose our ingredients based on how they will effect the skin. We avoid fillers and ingredients that are harmful to the environment. 

How do you choose your scents?

We purchase our scents from a specific supplier that provides us with the knowledge on how safe they are. Not everything can be used for human skin and lips. We carry the MSDS for all our scents. Each batch is also tested before it is released.

Are any of your bars fragrance free?

We do have some. There is a specific fragrance free called Freeman. Dragons Blood and the Coffee Grounds do not have any fragrances added.

Do I need to be a man to use your soap?

Not in the least bit. The purpose of Man To Man Soap is to provide premium soap with masculine scents. Half of the customers are female.